Quick Links

Quick Links for approvals are available for most approvals on your activity dashboard found at approve.usu.edu. This webpage will default to approvals; however, you may also have approvals in the TASKS Category (circled in yellow below). To access the approvals, simply click on the category you would like to approve.

Approve.usu.edu servicenow approvals dashboard Approve.usu.edu banner approval and approvals wihtout counts dashboard

Other Requests:

You may notice a box for “Other Requests”. This box will include ServiceNow approvals that do not fall into one of the other categories. Examples of these include Scholarship Fund Code Requests, Document Approval, Key Requests, New Index Requests, and Non-Qualified Scholarship Payments. I have not included detailed instructions for these approvals as they are less common. You will receive an email to approve each of these types of transactions. You can approve from the email or by clicking on the “Other Requests” box and reviewing each transaction.