2020-2021 Differential Tuition

Differential Tuition Oversight Meeting
November 10, 2021


  • Jagath Kaluarachchi (College)
  • Thomas Fronk (MAE/College)
  • Marv Halling (CEE)
  • Amber Buatte (Business Services)
  • Britney Dikwa-Nkrumah (Engineering Senator)
  • Luke Anderson (E-Council President)


Amber presented the differential tuition distribution data and discussed the amounts spent by each department and the corresponding areas of focus such as TA wages, supplies, etc. It was indicated that per the original proposal, differential tuition cannot be used to pay salaries of tenure track faculty, but funds can be used to hire or pay salaries of teaching faculty such as lecturers, adjunct faculty, and professional practice professors.

Jagath mentioned that we were in the process of being audited on our use of Differential Tuition funds, but that the audit was going well. Jagath also talked about how the cost of differential tuition was meant to help cover costs associated with courses and that the amount is not meant to be excessive. Jagath also mentioned that we plan to use some of the Dean’s Office portion to support the hiring of a teaching faculty member to help with the Engineering Math Center. We have also received funding from President Cockett for a portion of this position.

Britney asked a question regarding the allowability of carryforward of funds. Amber explained that funds are not swept and that they do carryforward for use in future years. If a department is planning to do large upgrades, they often have to accumulate some funds over multiple years and the carryforward of funds allows them to accomplish these goals.

Marv asked about some of the big-ticket items that contributed to CEE’s high expenses for FY21. It was explained that there were some student study space improvements that accounted for a large portion of the increase in spending.

Thom asked about using Differential Tuition funds to purchase research. Jagath explained that purchases on Differential Tuition are for educational benefits and if equipment is purchased it should be for a specific course purpose.

Luke asked about increases to Differential Tuition and if hiring the faculty member for the Engineering Math Center would cause an increase. Amber explained that budgeting a portion as salary dollars would lead to a small increase. She showed an example of the increase from FY20 to FY21 as an example.

Differential Tuition Summary for the 2020-2021 School Year

Total Differential Tuition Received $668,705.74

Uses of Differential Tuition

Differential tuition received for the 2020-2021 school year was used to support the following:

  • Support TA’s/graders
  • Provide supplies/equipment for class projects/labs
  • Support Clubs within the college
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Adjunct instructors
  • Senior Design support
  • Engineering Writing Center
  • Support the IDEA/Metal Factory

Differential Tuition Funds Allocations

Differential Tuition funds were allocated to the academic departments based on the student credit hour enrollment. 20% was allocated to the Dean’s Office for support at the college level.

Semester Amount
Summer 2020 $543.34
Fall 2020 $355,706.71
Spring 2021 $310,801.41
Summer 2021 $1,654.28
Total $668,705.74
2020-2021 Differential Tuition chart
Department TA/Grader Wages Classroom Supplies/Equipment & Club Support Student Travel, Field Trips & Club Travel
BE 67% 33% 0%
CEE 55% 45% 0%
ECE 76% 24% 0%
EED 94% 6% 0%
MAE 88% 10% 2%
Average 76% 24% 0%