Engineering Undergraduate Research Scholars

The EURP Scholars program provides matching funds for paid undergraduate research experience, but you do not have to be in EURP Scholars to participate in research.

The major features of the program are:

  • EURP provides funding for up to 450 hours of paid research experience at $14/hour, which is paid as a 3-way match between the College of Engineering, the student’s Engineering department, and the student’s faculty advisor.
    • Advisors may choose to contribute more than 1/3 of $14/hour, but the match from the College and Department will remain 1/3 of $14/hour
  • Participants are encouraged to present their results at an appropriate professional venue (technical meeting, peer-reviewed publication, USU Undergraduate Research Showcase, Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research, Research on the Hill, etc.).
  • New in 2023: EURP Scholars who stay for grad school may have their first semester of in-state graduate tuition and fees paid for by the College of Engineering.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be admitted into the professional program by the start of the proposed project.
  • Expected to work an average of 10 hours/week, starting Summer or Fall 2023
  • Proposed timeline must allow 3 semesters of work before graduating
    • Summer can count as 0 semesters, 1 semester at 10 hours/week, or 2 semesters at 20 hours/week
    • EXCEPTION: Students admitted into their concurrent BS/MS program may propose projects shorter than 3 semesters in scope, but must explain how the proposed work relates to their expected graduate research.
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Applications are due Friday April 7, 2023 by 5:00pm.
Applications for Fall are anticipated in November.
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