Engineering Extravaganza Junior Event Aims To Excite Students About STEM Careers


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News Release — November 8, 2021 — Cache Valley elementary schoolers will be joining Utah State University students on Saturday to learn more about engineering through hands-on activities.

Students working together to strain substance into cup.

Past Engineering Extravaganza Junior participants work together to complete a STEM activity (USU).

The Engineering Extravaganza Junior is a free event hosted by the USU chapter of the Society of Women Engineers in an effort to help students envision what a career in STEM can look like.

“I didn't really know that a career in engineering was even attainable for me as a student in a minority group and a woman. It was something that I didn't even know was a job,” said Daniella Rivera, the club’s vice president of outreach.

This is the second time the club has hosted the event and Rivera is looking forward to seeing the students develop their problem-solving skills as they work through activities like building a mini trebuchet and creating a play dough circuit, which if done correctly will light up an led light.

“I think the play dough circuit is really cool,” Rivera said. “I don't think as a third-grader I would think that I would be able to do something like that.”

According to Regan Tracy, the club’s president, third to fifth grade is when students, especially girls, start to lose interest in STEM.

“I'm looking forward to this kind of being a catalyst,” she said. “To be like actually, no, stay in it. It's good.”

Crystal Tingle is a member of the SWE outreach committee and said the event isn’t about who can be the best at the skills the students will be learning, but about finding joy in the challenges.

“The main thing I hope for these kids,” Tingle said, “is for them to realize that their natural curiosity for the world we live in can be transformed into a career that keeps them driven and passionate for the rest of their lives.”

Although the 60 spots for Saturday’s activity are full, more information about future SWE community outreach events can be found here.


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