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Computer Science Program Overview

Computer Scientist working with faculty

Computer Science

affects our lives every day. Computer scientists build innovative software that controls everything from complex air traffic control systems to the simplest apps on our smartphones. Computer scientists work closely with other engineering professionals in developing tools and software to build electronic circuits, computer games, complex robotics, and the newest advances in cyber security. Demand for highly-trained computer science professionals is on the rise and career opportunities span multiple industries.


Virtually 100% of USU’s Computer Science students have job offers before graduation • Computer science is one of the highest paid careers • Computer Science students compete annually in the national Robosub Competition • Computer Science offers a concurrent BS/MS degree

Areas of Application

Software • Cybersecurity • Web Development • Gaming • Medical Diagnostic Imaging • Cloud Computing • Satellite Telemetry • Missile Guidance

Internships and Careers

Adobe • YouTube • Google • Sandia National Laboratories • Disney Interactive • General Electric • Lockheed Martin • National Security Administration • NASA • • General Motors • Domo • Hewlett-Packard • Microsoft