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Scholarship Information

Each year, the College of Engineering awards approximately $500,000 in scholarship funding. If you think you qualify for a scholarship, we strongly encourage you to apply. Because the majority of engineering scholarships are offered to junior- and senior-level students, we encourage incoming first-year students to apply for general university scholarships. The scholarship application form is open each year Jan. 1 to Jan. 31.

What Types of Scholarships are Available in the College of Engineering?

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There are five College of Engineering scholarships reserved for incoming first-year students. Three of these scholarships are offered by invitation only based on the information you submit in your university admissions application. Incoming freshmen are encouraged to apply for general university scholarships.

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The College of Engineering offers more than 90 scholarships. Most are awarded to junior- and senior-level students. To apply for a scholarship, click on the blue application button. You'll be prompted to create an account at Fill in the information and you will automatically be considered for all scholarships that you qualify for.