New Financial Aid Available for Non-Thesis Master's Students

The College of Engineering now offers matriculated graduate students seeking non-thesis master’s degrees up to $700 in tuition waivers, paid over two semesters ($350 each semester). The waivers are granted through the Dean’s Tuition Assistance Program for students whose eligibility is verified by the department’s Graduate Program Coordinator.

Benefits of a Master’s in Engineering:

  • Accelerate your engineering career
  • Expand your professional development and leadership opportunities
  • A Master’s counts toward required experience for PE licensure
  • Classes are taught by top faculty with industry experience
  • Recruiters are actively seeking engineering master’s graduates

Why a Non-Thesis Master’s Degree?

Non-thesis graduate degree programs help you attain your career goals faster. Our coursework-focused programs help students expand career opportunities through advanced training and hands-on experience.

Explore Degree Options

Master of Science Plan B (MS-B) Requires coursework plus an engineering project with final report.

Master of Science Plan C (MS-C) Coursework only. Designed to improve your technical knowledge with emphasis on professional practice and industry-relevant coursework.

Master of Engineering (ME) Coursework only. Emphasizes professional practice while introducing multiple advanced topics. ME programs may require additional credit hours beyond a Plan-B or Plan-C.

Non-Thesis Master’s Degree Programs Available In:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biological Engineering
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Composite Materials & Structures
  • Computer Engineering
  • Engineering Education
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Space Systems Engineering



These funds apply to the residential portion of your tuition only. They are not guaranteed funds and cannot be combined with other College of Engineering tuition waivers or certain scholarships. If you drop or change any program classes during the semester, you can be required to pay back the award in full.