Engineering Math Resource Center

Context, Confidence, and Competence in Engineering Mathematics

Welcome to the online interface for the College of Engineering Math Resource Center! This is a new resource created primarily for the students in the College of Engineering. Earning a degree and pursuing a career in engineering requires that you learn skills in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and other branches of mathematics. This mathematical toolset is invaluable for engineers. Math allows us to model physical processes and explore relationships that are fundamental to designing the future of technologies, structures, and the services we use daily!

Sometimes it is difficult when we are first introduced to a topic in our math classes to understand when we will use that topic as engineers. A primary purpose of the Engineering Math Resource Center is to put each of those mathematical topics and skills into an engineering context.

“When will I use a Fourier series as an engineer?”

“Why do I need to understand the different techniques for evaluating an integral?”

“Will I really need to understand relationships between angles like I learned in trigonometry?”

These are the types of questions that will be answered at the Engineering Math Resource Center. You will have access to not only the online material on this website, but you can also schedule 30-minute individual or small group consultations focused on specific math topics. Availability for these appointments can be checked by clicking “Schedule Appointment” under the selection tree.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the purpose of the Engineering Math Resource Center?

A: The Math Resource Center is intended to provide resources to students for learning the principles of mathematics that will be essential for future careers in engineering.

Q: When should I schedule an appointment with the Engineering Math Resource Center instead of visiting the Aggie Math Learning Center (AMLC) or Engineering Tutoring Center (ETC)?

A: Consultations in the Engineering Math Resource Center focus on helping students understand fundamental math principles used in engineering rather than completing assignments. If you have a question about a specific homework problem, you can receive help at either the AMLC or ETC. If you don’t understand the fundamentals of a math principle or want to know how you will use it in engineering, schedule an appointment with the Math Resource Center and we can provide the context and additional assistance that you need.

Q: When can I schedule an appointment for the Engineering Math Resource Center?

A: Availability for consultations will be handled directly by the consultant(s) themselves. This means that the times available for consultations may change from day to day. We hope that this allows more students to access the Engineering Math Resource Center depending on their course schedules rather than act solely as a restriction.