Hire Utah State Engineers

Employers are eager to recruit Utah State University engineers. Our graduates are highly qualified and possess advanced technical expertise and team-building skills. To advertise your career opportunities, please create an online account at AGGIE Handshake.

Setting up an account

To create an account in AGGIE Handshake, go to usu.joinhandshake.com

login page for AGGIE Handshake

Click on the Sign up for an Account option.

Select the Employer option to create the correct type of account.

Types of Accounts that can be made in AGGIE Handshake

Complete the 'Sign up as an Employer' form.

Sign up as an employer form example

Check out the recruiting interests and Alma Mater to better understand how the Handshake platform works. Then click the Continue option.

select Alma Mater and recruiting interests example from handshake

Review the Employer guidelines, and indicate if you're a third party recruiter. Then click the Continue option.

Handshake employer guidelines page

After having successfully signed up the employer account you should recieve a notification.

success message

After setting up the account remember to fill out the fields on your Profile tab so potential employee candidate will know more about your company.

Direct job posting questions to

Work with USU's Career Services to post available positions.

Sophie Bassett

Phone-icon (435) 797-1749

Email-icon sophie.bassett@usu.edu

Kathryn Hadfield

Phone-icon (435) 797-1745

Email-icon kathryn.hadfield@usu.edu

Additional information is available at Career Services website.