Engineering Tutoring Center Offers In-Person and Virtual Help

September 10, 2020

Sept. 10, 2020 — The Engineering Tutor Center is adapting to changing times and offering both face-to-face and virtual tutoring sessions. Tutoring services are free to students, and there is no need to schedule an appointment for remote or in-person tutoring. The center is located in Anderson Engineering 320.

Student in the Tutor center receiving help

Here’s some additional tips:

  • To get help in person, simply visit the Tutoring Center and ask the front desk if a tutor can help you with your questions. Our staff will direct you to the appropriate tutor. If no tutor is available, the front desk will tell you when the next tutor who can help you will be available.
  • To request remote tutoring help, simply visit the online tutoring site and fill out the form. You will be notified within 10 minutes of submitting the request if a tutor can help you at that time. A tutor will reach out to you directly at the first available opportunity to arrange your tutoring session.
  • You can view the schedules for in-person or virtual meetings.
  • Please direct all questions about scheduling to Our staff will respond to your question as soon as possible.
  • The scheduled hours may change from in-person to remote depending on the evolving situation with COVID-19. However, all tutors will maintain the same scheduled hours in a remote format if such transitions are necessary, and the Tutoring Center will maintain the accuracy of the remote tutoring schedule on the website daily.


Contact: Josh Ward, Tutoring Center manager,