Congratulations to College of Engineering Researchers

March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020 — The College of Engineering community extends its congratulations to the students and faculty who are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in research.

Researcher of the Year
Doug Hunsaker

Dr. Doug Hunsaker,

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year
Yu Huang

Dr. Yu Huang,

Biological Engineering

Undergraduate Researcher of the Year
Morgan Bishop

Morgan Bishop,

Biological Engineering

Master’s Student Researcher of the Year
Thakur Neupane

Thakur Neupane,

Electrical and Computer Engineering

PhD Student Researcher of the Year
Yi He

Yi He,

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Graduate Mentor of the Year
Ziqi Song

Dr. Ziqi Song,

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty Service Award
Nick Roberts

Dr. Nick Roberts,

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Graduate Student Teacher of the Year
Yuzhen Luo

Yuzhen Luo,

Engineering Education