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Utah State Steel Bridge Team Takes 15th at Nationals


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June 3, 2019 — The Utah State University Steel Bridge team placed 15th at the National Steel Bridge Competition that took place in Carbondale, Illinois on May 31.

41 teams from the country's top engineering programs competed in this year’s National Student Steel Bridge Competition organized by the American Institute of Steel Construction.

After taking 2nd place at regionals, the team made improvements on their bridge to increase their overall score. These improvements resulted in a decreased build time of nearly five minutes, a weight decrease of over 25 pounds, a deflection improvement of nearly 0.2 inches and the overall estimated build cost went from $11.8 million to $7.6 million.

“We are happy to have continued to help build a winning culture around Utah State Steel Bridge, and we look forward to cheering on the teams in future years as they work toward the goal of winning a national competition,” said team member Adam Lambert.


Writer: Carson Wolf,