Electrical Engineering Program Overview

Electrical engineering is about designing and improving electric circuits to get the most out of our powered gadgets and high-tech tools. From electronic sensors in the soil, to the chips inside orbiting satellites, electrical engineering is what makes our modern world work. Electrical engineers use the principles of physics, mathematics, computer science, and design to create solutions that turn ideas into reality.

Student Experience

  • Virtually 100% of USU’s Electrical Engineering students have job offers before graduation
  • The department boasts a small student-teacher ratio in upper-division courses
  • Student-selected senior design projects encompass a wide variety of topics like robotics, electromagnetics, control systems, and communication systems
  • Electrical Engineering offers a concurrent BS/MS degree

Areas of Application

  • Radio Frequency and Antennas
  • Robotics
  • UAVs
  • Satellites
  • Sensors
  • Image Processing
  • Digital Communication
  • Power Systems

Internships and Careers

  • NASA
  • Garmin
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • US Air Force
  • L-3 Communications
  • Ball Aerospace
  • General Electric
  • Micron
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Space Dynamics Lab
  • Sandia National Laboratories

Kristen Gabriel

ENGR 413k

Where Our Alumni Work

Ball Aerospace
General Electric
L3 Communications
Northrop Grumman
Sandia National Laboratories
Space Dynamics Laboratory
U.S. Air Force