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Engineers Week

Join us February 21—24, 2023!

Tuesday, Feb. 21

Time Event
9:30am–10:30am Muscle Measuring (BMES)
11:00am–12:00pm Lunch and Linger (E-Council)
12:30pm–1:30pm Rocket Launch Simulation (GAS)
2:30pm–3:30pm Soldering Workshop (IEEE)
4:30pm–5:30pm Lightning Talks (SWE)

Wednesday, Feb. 22

Time Event
8:00am–9:00am Breakfast Snacks by the Dean (E-Council)
12:00pm–1:00pm Beta Bowl (TBP)
2:00pm–3:00pm Egg Drop (E-Council)
3:00pm–4:00pm Spaghetti Tower Contest (Tutoring Center)
5:00pm–6:00pm Advanced Manufacturing Workshop and Guest Speaker (SAMPE)
6:30pm–9:00pm Cardboard Boat Races (E-Council)

Thursday, Feb. 23

Time Event
10:30am–11:30am Calculator Quick Draw (SWE)
12:00pm–2:00pm Mario Kart (ASME)
3:30pm–4:30pm Brandon Sanderson Trivia Contest (EWB)
6:00pm–8:00pm Trivia Bowl (SWE)
6:00pm–8:00pm Community Night

Friday, Feb. 24

Time Event
12:00pm–1:00pm Balsa Bridge Testing (ASCE)
1:30pm–2:30pm Team Trivia Trials (ANS)
6:00pm–8:00pm Awards Banquet

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