profressional engineeirng program students

Professional Program Requirements

The Professional Program refers to the major-specific courses in the junior and senior years of each degree program. Students must be accepted into the Professional Program before they can take these courses.

Once admitted, students in engineering majors are assigned a faculty mentor who can help them select technical elective courses and identify areas of interest appropriate to a student's career goals.

To apply for admission into the Professional Program, students must complete the Pre-Professional Program major courses and meet the major-specific admission requirements.

Students who have not finished all Pre-Professional Program courses but would like to start taking some professional program courses can request permission to do so prior to being admitted if they meet the permission requirements

Requirements to Remain Eligible for the Professional Program

  • All engineering majors must maintain a 2.0 GPA or above
  • You are allowed up to 10 credits with a “D“ grade aside from Biological Engineering (please check with your advisor with questions)
  • You must repeat courses with an “F” grade and may repeat courses with a “D” grade (varies by major, please check with your advisor)

*Failure to meet the requirements above may result in Professional Program probation

Probation Information

Students will be placed on probation if they:

  1. earn an F in an engineering/math/science course which could be used to satisfy graduation requirements for the chosen degree;
  2. have more than 10 hours of D credit (for Biological Engineering any D or D+); or
  3. have an upper-division GPA of less than 2.0.
  • Students remain on probation until they improve their standing by repeating and passing all failed classes, repeating classes to reduce the number of D credits to 10 or less (zero for Biological Engineering), and/or by raising their upper-division GPA above 2.0.
  • While on probation, a student must earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher in engineering/math/science classes and must not earn any grades of D or F.
  • While on probation, a student may not preregister. The student's major code will be changed to a Pre-Professional Code. The student must meet at least once each semester with the college academic advisor to work out a schedule having the primary goal of correcting the existing academic problems.

Please view the course catalog for additional information.