pre-professional program students

Pre-Professional Program

The Pre-Professional Program is designed to help students gather the necessary tools to be successful during the junior and senior years of their degree program. To view pre-professional course requirements please visit the general catalog.

All students who complete the Pre-Professional program courses and meet the Professional Program admission requirements are eligible to apply for admission into the professional program.

Students who have not finished all Pre-Professional program courses but would like to start taking some professional program courses can request permission to do so prior to being admitted if they meet the permission requirements:

A student can be given permission to take professional classes for which they have the prerequisite if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Have 10 credits or less of pre-professional program classes to complete
  2. Meet the required GPA (.2 higher pre-professional GPA than the required GPA for admission into the Professional Program)
    • Biological: 2.5
    • Computer, Electrical, Mechanical: 3.0
    • Civil, Environmental: 2.7
  3. Register for remaining pre-professional classes in the semester they are requesting permission.
  4. Request permission by completing the form below

To apply for the Professional Program or to request permission to take Professional Program courses, please complete the form here:

Request Permission/Apply for Admission