Center for Advanced Imaging LiDAR

The Center for Advanced Imaging LiDAR (CAIL) is a multidisciplinary research center which conducts research and development of techniques to exploit imaging LiDAR data. Research centers around three basic areas:

  • imaging LiDAR systems;
  • applications,
  • algorithms, and hardware for acquiring and using fused digital imagery and LiDAR point clouds (texel images); and simulation of LiDAR hardware and signals.

The Director, Dr. Scott Budge, is located in the Utah State University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (ECE), and faculty from Physics, Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) have participated in projects within the center. Through CAIL, faculty are able to provide educational experience for students from Junior through PhD level. Projects in CAIL have required understanding of electronics, signal processing, geomatics, mechanical structures, optics, and spacecraft controls.