Municipal Wastewater

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SWBEC has a standing and fruitful collaboration with the Logan City Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant and the City of Logan. The wastewater treatment plant is the nation’s largest lagoon style wastewater treatment plant, and Logan City is currently in the midst of making plans for a new treatment plant to deal with rising population.

We are working with the wastewater treatment plant to find a way of recovering some of the costs of wastewater treatment for the city. We have an experimental station at the lagoons, implementing RABR technology, and we have done extensive studies on lagoon treatment plant algal and bacterial biodiversity. Bioplastic and biodiesel production are the primary products tied to this work. We have also done some work with the production of acetone, butanol and ethanol.

We’re looking for treatments that require less energy and infrastructure to give rural communities low-cost treatment options. Our URAB and RABR technology are meant to customize a solution to any size of population.

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