Cellular Engineering Laboratory

test tubes on a table

About our Laboratory

Dr. Charles Miller’s Cellular Engineering Laboratory, located in the Science Engineering Research (SER) building in room 117, focuses on synthetic biology, genetic engineering, bioenergy, and mycobacteria. This lab researches the parameters regarding optimal growth and harvesting of microalgae to remediate wastewater extensively. In addition, they develop and evaluate methods to maximize production of bioplastics, biofuels, and other bioproducts. The techniques and lab equipment in the Cellular Engineering Laboratory facilitate controlled experiments at the cellular level. Dr. Miller’s Team of students have won the award for the “Best Manufacturing Project” and 5 gold medals in the international genetically engineered machine competition (iGEM).

Our Location

Located in the Biological Engineering Department on the Utah State University Campus in Logan, UT Phone: 435.797.2576