Algae Test and Evaluation Facility

Rotating Algae Biofilm Reactors

About our Facility

The Algae Test & Evaluation Facility (AT&E) was established in collaboration with Logan City Environmental Department and Utah State University as a pilot facility co-located at the City of Logan Wastewater Treatment Plant. The AT&E site has been developed as a testbed facility where research and testing is conducted that utilizes algae-based engineered systems for algal biomass production and water quality improvement. The 10-acre AT&E facility consists of commercial, pilot, and bench scale growth, harvesting, and biofuel processing systems. The site also includes an on-site laboratory, an indoor facility setup for different harvesting applications, an enclosed building dedicated to anaerobic digestion systems, two greenhouses, and a small office and machine shop.

Our Location

W 600 N Logan, UT 84321