Engineering Education Doctoral Program Overview

An increasing number of engineers, prepared to meet the challenges of ever-fluctuating changes in technology, are required worldwide. This program is rising to meet the challenge by training the future leaders responsible for designing engineering course pedagogy, curriculum, and leveraged research to improve learning outcomes. Our research-active faculty are adept at teaching and developing in our graduate students the skills and expertise identified in our mission statement.

Our Doctoral Students

  • Graduate with proficiency in engineering pedagogy and expertise in engineering education research.
  • Are skilled in engineering education theory and practice.
  • Are able to guide and perform educational research within a specific discipline in engineering, and have the ability to develop, implement, and assess engineering curricula at a variety of levels.
  • Are prepared to enter faculty positions in engineering education, engineering, and STEM-related education, and as training specialists in industry, where they are able to effectively shape the future of the engineering profession—domestically and abroad.