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The BLAST lab is a state of the art Battery Limits and Survivability Testing laboratory. The lab is built to contain and filter smoke, fire (and explosions as necessary) for thermal integrity testing of lithium ion batteries and energy storage technologies. Dual carbon filters remove toxic fumes in case of battery failure. Through testing of these batteries new energy storage technology is developed. The lab is also used by USU aviation as a jet engine test bunker.

renderign of blast lab builidng and equipment
blast lab interior with view of jet engine blast lab building exterior blast lab small cart ventilation equipment

Key Features

  • - Multi-stage dual high CFM wet filtration units including HEPA
  • - Visual and IR video cameras and monitors
  • - High power power supplies
  • - Data acquisition
  • - Thermal sensors
  • - Dewetron configuration software
  • - Control room with direct viewing
blast lab NASA battery testing
blast lab thermal battery scan
blats lab battery testing