ECE 6930 - Electric Vehicles Lab

This is the second in the two-course sequence in Electric Vehicle Design. This course is a design-oriented introduction to the analysis, design, modeling, and testing of power electronics systems in the context of a real electric vehicle system. Through practical laboratory experiments, students are guided through the fabrication of the multiple switched-mode power converters as well as associated analog and digital control systems necessary to realize a functioning, sub-kW electric vehicle. Specific systems include a bidirectional DC-DC converter and motor drive inverter which are designed using standard power electronics analysis techniques. The course culminates with a design exposition/competition of the constructed vehicles.

Students with an undergraduate degree in other engineering disciplines or physics must have completed the equivalent of core undergraduate sequence of courses in circuit analysis and design.

ECE 5930 - Power Electronics for Electric Drive Vehicles


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ECE 6930 Spring 2014