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Distribution of F&A for the College of Engineering


The standard F&A distribution for Utah State University is a 70/30 split. 70% of the generated F&A is distributed to the USU Vice President for Research Office and 30% is distributed to the College. Of the 30% distributed to the College of Engineering (COE), 3% (10% of the 30%) remains with the college and 27% (90% of the 30%) is distributed to the faculty member’s department.

If an Engineering faculty member is a PI/Co-I on a research project that includes a PI/Co-I from another department or college, the F&A will be split based on effort. Effort can be determined based on % of expenses, % of faculty time on the project, or based on the % of work being completed by each unit. The % of effort will be decided by the PI/Co-I’s. To assist with filling out the F&A Allocation Agreement Template some examples are shown below. The column titled “Allocation of 30%” is the amount that would be entered on the F&A Allocation Agreement Template.

F&A Calculation Examples

Example 1

Scenario: Three faculty members from two different departments within COE are completing a research project with the following effort:

  • MAE – Dr. Z 50%
  • CEE – Dr. Y 30%
  • CEE – Dr. X 20%
FA Table 1

Example 2

Scenario: Two faculty members from different departments within COE and one faculty member from College A are completing a research project with the following effort:

  • UTC – Dr. W 35%
  • EED – Dr. V 20%
  • College A – Dr. B 45%

Of the 30% College A will receive 13.5% (30%*45%) of the F&A to be split according to their policy. COE will retain 16.5% (30%*55%) to be split between the departments and college.

FA table 2

Example 3

Scenario: One faculty member from a department within COE, one faculty member from College C and one faculty member from College E are completing a research project with the following effort:

  • ECE – Dr. U 25%
  • College C – Dr. D 35%
  • College E – Dr. F 40%

Of the 30%, COE will receive 7.5% (30%*25%), College C will receive 10.5% (30%*35%) and College E will receive 12% (30%*40%). Each college will split their F&A according to their individual policies.

FA table 3