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the METAL Factory

Inspiring students to bring their ideas and projects to life by providing tools and expertise.

Machine Areas

What to bring when using machine area

Hours & Location

TECH Building | Entrance located on West side
TECH Room 110-MAE work area
Room 110D - Composites area
Room 112 - Machine shop

For any specific questions or special requests, contact Lucy Campos at or call the lab at 435-797-3820

  • Monday  9 am — 2 pm
  • Tuesday  9 am — 2 pm
  • Wednesday  9 am — 2 pm
  • Thursday  9 am — 2 pm
  • Friday Closed
  • Saturday/Sunday Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

We have some scrap metal and screws/bolts that students are allowed to use, so you can come check it out and see what's available before you buy new materials. We also provide tools and machinery. Keep in mind that if you cause major damage to our tools, you will be required to replace them.

Major storage space is only provided for Senior Design/Club projects. We can provide a locker that is 35.5" x 12" x 12". You will have to provide your own lock to secure it, and can only use it for a time period of two weeks.

The METAL factory is a project based lab. It is not a space for homework unless that homework is a project that needs the machines or software.

If you want to be sure that the conference room is available for a meeting, you will have to reserve it. If you use it without reserving it and someone else did, you will be required to leave.

We currently allow students to work on personal projects, but senior design and school projects take priority.

To be able to use the machines, you're required to wear closed toed shoes, long pants, and short sleeved, non-loose shirts. If you have long hair, make sure to put it up while you operate the machines.

We will train you on how to operate the machines, and will teach you the safety guidelines.

The lab and all of its equipment are free for student/faculty use.


Lucy Campos


Wesley Rivers


Alli Lundell

Graphic Design

Taylor Winkel


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Hal Chugg

Engineering Technician