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Engineering Writing Center - Information for Students

Writing consultations are most productive when you have thought about what you would like to specifically work on. Please bring to your appointment:

  • A hard copy of your document (NOTE: public-use printers are not available in the EWC)
  • A copy of the assignment (or document description)
  • A copy of the assignment rubric (if available)
  • Any notes, previous drafts, or instructor comments

We do not suggest bringing in documents that are due the same day as the session, as it takes time to implement the feedback given by the writing consultants.

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Writing Center Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will my Writing Consultant help?

Your writing consultant will assist you in identifying key areas of improvement and offer feedback with respect to format, content, style, documentation, and grammar. Your writing consultant will not edit or proofread your paper, nor are they responsible for quantitative or technical accuracy. Through this interactive session, your writing consultant will identify problems and suggest strategies to improve your writing skills—both higher level concerns (structure or organization) and lower-level concerns (format and language mechanics).

What documents can be reviewed?

Any technical document, including course assignments, can be reviewed.  This includes:

  • Course papers and projects
  • Lab, design, and research reports
  • Poster presentations
  • Abstracts and summaries
  • Specialty reports (feasibility, recommendation, status, site)
  • Technical reports
  • Business letters and memos
  • Other technical documents

Given the specialized knowledge, formatting, and citation requirements required for some documents, Writing Consultants are not able to review:

  • Theses or dissertations (see your major professor for suggestions on editing services)
  • Journal articles
  • Resumes or personal statements (Visit Career Services for advice on these documents)

How does the appointment process work?

When scheduling an appointment, please keep the following in mind:

  • All appointments include 30 minutes of one-on-one consultation.
  • Appointments are limited to one per day and up to two per week (please don’t make an appointment you aren’t certain you will use).
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, you will need to reschedule your appointment.
  • Please cancel or reschedule appointments at least 12 hours in advance.
  • If you miss three scheduled appointments during the semester, you won’t be able to schedule additional appointments in that semester.

For lengthy documents that would be difficult to evaluate in 30 minutes, consider choosing specific sections of the document to be evaluated. 

Are drop-in appointments available?

All appointments need to be scheduled in advance but check the online appointment calendar for availability or drop by the EWC (ENGR 405 E), to see if a Writing Consultant is available.

My document isn’t finished; should I keep my appointment?

You do not need a complete draft as your Writing Consultant is available to help at any point in the writing process.

Can I submit my document online for review?

If you would like to submit your document before your consultation, feel free to email as an attachment (pdf) to Writing Consultants do not make comments on online documents but may be able to review your document prior to your appointment. After scheduling an appointment, you can send a .pdf of your document to

Are online tutoring sessions available?

Online tutoring sessions are currently not offered through the EWC.

What if I only have a quick question?

Although you may have a quick question in mind, your Writing Consultant may notice other issues with your document that need to be discussed, so use as much time in your appointment as necessary.  If you have a brief question about grammar, mechanics, or citation styles,  you may find answers using the resources available here.

Will the Writing Consultant send proof of my visit to my professor?

After each consultation, you will receive an email confirmation of your visit. If your professor is requiring you visit the EWC or offering extra points, simply forward a copy of this email confirmation. If you don’t receive a confirmation of your visit via email, check your junk folder.

Can I get help on writing-based take-home exams?

In order to provide feedback on writing-based exams, the Writing Consultant must have written permission from the professor specifying that students can receive assistance at the EWC. This permission can be included in the exam instructions, syllabus, or in an email from the professor to the EWC (

Can I get help on a non-engineering writing assignment?

The consultants in the Engineering Writing Center are trained to address technical writing processes and practices. If you have a writing assignment for a non-technical discipline, you are encouraged to make an appointment to visit the English Writing Center.

Will my Writing Consultant fix my grammar mistakes?

Writing Consultants aren’t editors and will not proofread your document for grammar or spelling mistakes. They will, however, address sentence-level concerns with respect to grammar and punctuation.