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What is SWE?

The Utah State University section of the Society of Women Engineers is a club that supports the SWE mission:

"Stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity."

While USU SWE is primarily a club for women engineers, all supporters of women engineers of any gender or major of study are welcome to join.

Soceity of Women Engineers Logo

For more information on the Society, visit

What Do SWE Members Do?

USU SWE focuses events and activities around 3 main goals:

  • Networking
  • Professional Development
  • Outreach

Networking includes social events like cookie parties and corn maze visits that allow SWE members to meet other people in engineering majors in order to meet new friends and form a support group for success in school and work.

Professional Development includes activities geared towards improving skills that will help members in their future engineering careers. Past activities include resume workshops, dinner events with industry representatives, and society-wide conferences with career fairs and interview opportunities.

Outreach includes events that introduce engineering as an exciting career to members of the community. K-12 after-school presentations, workshops with middle- to high-school-aged girls, and Science Unwrapped booth activities are examples of USU SWE's mission to encourage students to try engineering.

How to Join SWE

  1. Go to or click society home page on banner.
  2. Click Membership > Join > Become a Member
  3. Create Account and input Personal Info
  4. Select NEW collegiate Member OR NEW collegiate Career Member
  5. Select 8072-Utah State University
  6. Input credit card info for payment
  7. Print out Purchase Receipt (Check your email) and write A# on it
  8. Take receipt in ENGR 413E (Dean's Office) to get $10 Back!