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Team Domestic

Formed by ambitious students in Spring 2016, the Domestic Team will shift focus from international aid to national assistance. The Domestic Team is currently partnering with the community at Navajo Mountain, UT, and Jones and DeMille Engineering to improve secondary water quality and conveyance. Currently in the assessment phase, the team traveled to Navajo Mountain in October 2017.

Fall 2018 Meeting Times

The Domestic Team meets every Wednesday at 6:30PM in ENGR 204.

About Navajo Mountain

Historically, a natural spring located on Navajo Mountain, called Beaver Springs, was collected and transported to the community at the foot of the mountain. The spring was used for drinking water, livestock, and crops. A wildfire in 2006 impacted the spring, and due to erosion and soot, the water became unusable. Drinking water is now supplied via pipeline from another community nearby and is limited. Farming has ceased in the area, and while ranching is still possible, water must be transported hundreds of miles. The Domestic Team is working to once again make agriculture a viable economic opportunity.