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Team Peru - May 2015

In May 2015, Team Peru traveled to La Union, Peru to implement a portable alpaca shelter that would aid the families of that region in better protecting and raising their livestock. On average a family in this area loses over 50% of their newborn alpaca, a major source of income to the community, every year due to exposure to harsh conditions. This loss greatly affects the poverty of the individual families as well as that of the community as a whole.

Building Tent

Constructing the alpaca shelter

Everyone on the Peru Team worked exceptionally hard to engineer a solution that could facilitate these constraints. In the end, a strong aluminum system was decided upon. When combined with a number of rope supports added strategically, the structure turned out both strong and durable while also minimizing materials. Our prototype tested that spring was a portable shelter, capable of withstanding 60 mph winds and up to 1 meter of snow loads. One shelter costs less then $650. 

Finished tent product

The finished product

This project is our contribution to a larger effort taken on by the Chijnaya Foundation to increase the economic productivity and value of this region’s alpaca herds. In conjunction with us they are working to diversify the genetic pool by flying in sperm from other herds and taking greater action to vaccinate alpaca from easily preventable diseases. Together, we hope to alleviate much of the poverty in the community in upcoming projects. 

Hapoy llama

Both people and alpacas are happy with the shelters