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Team Mexico - August 2016

Utah State students traveled to La Salitrera, Mexico over a week in August. The primary goal of this trip was to evaluate the best choice for increasing the community's water storage capacity. While the wells and river nearby are the main sources of water, large storage is still a potential issue. To gain better knowledge of the situation, the team mapped out the precise locations and elevations of 12 Coca-Cola water storage tanks and surveyed the area immediately surrounding each of the existing large water tanks. Team Mexico also gathered public opinion of which option may be best.

Coca Cola water tanks

Coca-Cola tanks used for water storage

The team also assessed effluent from sources passing through biosand filters, designed to remove arsenic from the water. High concentrations of arsenic are a public health concern in the region. Less than half of the filters placed during the last trip reduced the arsenic concentration to the safe level. However, the remaining filters were improperly used. This is an issue Team Mexico will address during their next trip. 

Biosand filters

Team Mexico filters out materials for construction

People of La Salitrera

 EWB-USU member poses with local family

Team members with local volunteers

EWB-USU team members are supported by the local CHOICE Humanitarian organization