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team Mexico 2015Team Mexico returned from the community of La Salitrera in August 2018. We monitored all the bio-sand filters present in the community, and surveyed and collected data for the construction of our next project: a bypass pipeline to service members of the community. Some houses are far enough up in the hills that they do not receive enough water, due to lower elevation communities using water and lowering pressure. We are working with the community to find the best way to bypass the lower area and ensure that those higher up receive the needed water. We are performing analyses and cost assessments to see what will be the most efficient set up for the bypass pipeline.


team Peru 2015Team Peru is currently working on two projects for a region of small communities in southern Peru. This area has high levels of arsenic in the water and we are designing a cost-effective, efficient ceramic water filter that individual households can own. We are finishing the testing and data analysis stage, and have begun building a prototype.  The second project involves designing portable alpaca shelters for herders in the area. This project was introduced and has been wildly successful, reducing the newborn alpaca mortality rate by 90%. This year we are making some minor design changes and introducing it to the entire community. Team Peru looks forward to helping as much as possible with the right support and use of engineering skills.


team Uganda 2011Team Domestic has been working on many exciting projects for the Navajo Nation community. The last project we worked on was a layout for a water fill station, put together by researching, surveying, and designing in AutoCAD, and working with Jones and DeMille Engineering throughout. Once constructed, the water fill station will provide safe, clean, water to use on farms, gardens, lawns, and more. We hope to further our work with the Navajo Nation community by implementing some sort of community garden. The Domestic Team has already made a huge difference in the lives of people right here in Utah, and will continue to do so with engineering and valuable support.