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Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders makes a difference in the world by helping people develop their surroundings to meet their basic needs. We combine technical knowledge with compassionate outreach to reach the community's goals. You too can change the world by donating.

Meeting Times
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm
ENGR 108

Current Projects

International 2019

The International Team is currently working in two areas — central Mexico and southern Peru. The Mexico subsection of the team installed 15 biosand filters in the rural community of La Salitrera between 2015-2017. There is currently a travel ban for Guanajuato state which prohibits any EWB-USA affiliated team traveling at this time. The team hopes to return to the area once the ban is lifted to continue working with this community assessing further water potability or distribution needs. The members of the Peru subsection are involved with two projects in a region of small communities in southern Peru. There are high levels of arsenic in the drinking water in this area and the team is working with the community to design a cost-effective, efficient water filter for individual households. Biosand filters and ceramic filters are being investigated for the design. The second project is in collaboration with the alpaca herders in the area. Over the past few years, the team has designed and implemented portable alpaca shelters to protect the mothers and their young from harsh weather conditions. It has been wildly successful, reducing the newborn alpaca mortality rate by 90%. The team plans on making some minor changes to the design to increase durability and portability.

international 2019 section

Domestic 2018

domestic 2018 section

The Engineers Without Borders Domestic Team works on engineering projects with the Navajo Nation community in Southern Utah. The team loves learning about the culture of the Navajo Nation community and meeting many different people along the way.
Last year, the Domestic Team designed a water line and fill station that will supply water to members of the Naatsis'aas Chapter. They used drafting tools such as AutoCAD to design the water system. The Domestic Team is currently working on a greenhouse and waterline design. The outcome of this project will provide the Navajo Nation community with a place to grow their own food and teach younger generations about the importance of agricultural traditions. There is potential for the Domestic Team to expand this project in future years.
The Domestic team has exciting, fast paced projects. They start and finish a project within the span of one year, which gives team members the opportunity to learn about the whole engineering process. There is also plenty of opportunity for networking on this team because of their close relationship with professional engineers and engineering firms.