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The Student Advocacy Committee is part of the student led Engineering Council. This committee tackles major issues surrounding student life and academics within the College of Engineering. Half of advocating for student needs within our college is understanding what issues might be happening around our campus. This survey is a great opportunity to share unique perspectives and voice opinions to make a lasting change at Utah State University. From last year's survey we were able to expand the study areas on the 3rd floor, bring a food truck to our end of campus, and have many other meaningful changes.

This survey focuses on your experiences with online learning and stress management. There is also an opportunity for you to discuss any aspect of your experiences in the College of Engineering. This survey will also help us prepare for the Dean's Forum on November 5th. This event is another great opportunity for you to voice your opinions directly too administration and to hear about new developments within our college.

We are passionate about helping students receive the most out of their education while here at Utah State. While our College is an amazing place that offers many great experiences within and beyond the classroom, we are always searching for ways to help better the student experience. Strong academics paired with healthy student life is always our top priority for students. If you ever have additional concerns or suggestions about the College of Engineering please email me, your Academic Senator, or visit me during office hours. My position and the Engineering Council exist to advocate for the student body. If you are interested in participating in the student council, we would be happy to have your help.

Thank you for your time!

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