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The Student Advocacy Committee is part of the student led Engineering Council. This committee that tackles major issues surrounding student life and academics withing the College of Engineering. Half of advocating for student needs within our college is understanding what issues might be happening around our campus. This survey is a great opportunity to share unique perspectives and voice opinions to make a lasting change at Utah State University.

This survey asks your opinion on current topics the Advocacy Committee is working on for the College of Engineering.

Topic 1: Bringing food options to Engineering Buildings

Historically there haven't been Dining Service options available in any of the College of Engineering Buildings. The survey asks questions about potential options in providing food to our half of campus.

Topic 2: Improving/Expanding study areas on 3rd floor ENGR

Often times the 3rd floor study areas are heavily utilized but congested. Your voice can help us determine if updating seating, tables, and possibly expanding the study areas is a worthwhile cause. The expansion would not be a renovation, but adding more glass boards, chairs, and tables to the edge of the study areas.

Topic 3: Implement simple room reservation system

To help student study groups, TA help sessions, and clubs and organizations we are looking into the need for having a simpler room reservation system similar to library and business building systems. This would allow students to see what rooms are available and would allow them to temporarily reserve them for various purposes.

Topic 4: Retaining relaxation spaces on 3rd floor ENGR

If study areas were to expand, they would expand several feet into the area where the lounge couches are seated. This would mean the removal of a couple of couches, but the movie and lounge area in front of the advising office would still remain unchanged. The survey allows you to voice your opinion if the two rows of couches should remain instead of adding to the study area.

We are passionate about helping students receive the most out of their education while here at Utah State. While our College is an amazing place that offers many great experiences within and beyond the classroom, we are always searching for ways to help better the student experience. Strong academics paired with healthy student life is always our major concern for students.

If you ever have additional concerns or suggestions about the College of Engineering please email your Academic Senator, Cooper Karras, or visit him during his office hours. Thank you for your time!

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