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Unique Research Capabilities

Hydraulic Modeling

Water resource engineers from across the globe turn to the Utah Water Research Lab and its talented staff of experts to solve today's complex water problems.

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Labyrinth Weir


We can break that! This state-of-the-art facility gives researchers the tools they need to test structural materials used in bridge, road and building construction.

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Smash Lab

Thermal, Mechanical and Material Sciences

From room temperature to extreme heat, we have the latest tools to investigate the thermo-mechanical response of materials ranging from nano to structural scale.

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Gleeble Sample

Bio-Fuel Production

We've been pioneering algae cultivation and processing technologies for years. Our patented RABR is a key tool in the exciting fields of bioenergy and wastewater treatment.

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Algae Testing

Electric Vehicle & Roadway Research Facility and Test Track

We're leading the future of advanced, electric automotive transportation and wireless inductive power transfer.

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EVR Test Track