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Nominate a Scholar of the Year

Submission Deadline: February 9, 2018

Nomination Procedures

The Scholar of the Year Award is given each year to recognize and emphasize excellence in scholarship. Other service and student activity involvement may be considered in the selection process, but the main emphasis will be on scholarly achievement.

Each college dean is to appoint a committee to select an outstanding student scholar from each college. The Provost’s Office will appoint a committee to select the Scholar of the Year from the eight college nominees. The person is recognized at the annual Robins Award in April 2017.

The nominee should be receiving a bachelor's degree at this year's commencement exercises.


The recipient shall have participated in the following manner:

  1. Achieved outstanding academic success.
  2. Evidence of scholarly activities such as:
    1. Completed undergraduate research
    2. Awarded an URCO or other grant for undergraduate research
    3. Participated as a Writing Fellow, Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate Teaching Fellow, Research Assistant, Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader, etc.
    4. Participation in performances or other artistic endeavors
    5. Presentations at professional conferences
    6. Publications
    7. Participation in the Honors Program Participation in professional or scholarly organizations
    8. Completion of a senior project or thesis

Submission Materials

In order to provide greater uniformity in the nomination materials provided to the Committee, the following must be prepared, with a maximum of 15 pages total length, approximately 12 pt. font. Materials must be submitted in PDF format via electronic form.

  • A letter written by the faculty member best suited to address the students’ scholarly achievements, including the impact of their scholarly work.
  • A narrative summary of the scholarly work (written by the student), including a discussion of the impact of the work.
  • A summary of service and student activity involvement.
  • Transcript of credits.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • A short biography (2 paragraph maximum).
  • A professional portrait.

Submit Nomination 

Contact Information:
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Lauren Skousen
Tel: (435) 797-1166