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Nominate a Researcher of the Year

Submission Deadline: January 12, 2018

Nomination Procedures:

The College of Engineering seeks nominations from the departments for outstanding faculty to be considered for College Faculty Researcher of the Year, which recognizes excellence in research, scholarship or creative activity over a limited and recent period of time (past three years). (Submissions can only be made by the department heads). All department Researchers of the Year should be submitted to be part of the selection pool from which one will be chosen as the College Researcher of the Year.


  • The faculty nominee must be a current employee of USU or have retired within the past 12 months prior to submission.
  • The faculty nominee must be the newly-selected College Researcher of the Year for this college.

Submission Materials

  • Name and A-Number of nominee
  • Curriculum vitae of the nominee in standard format including a complete list of publications, awards, sponsored projects, and other recognitions by peers - international, national and regional.
  • The following information must be easily identified in the submitted Curriculum vitae or it must be submitted as separate lists:
    • A list of honors and awards indicating recognition of the nominee’s research, scholarship or creative activity at the national or international level over the past 3 years. 
    • A list of research, scholarship or creative publications for the past 3 years. This list should clearly denote graduate and undergraduate coauthors.
    • A list of off-campus participation in research, scholarship or creative works for the past 3 years (e.g. invited seminars, conference presentations, performances). This list should also clearly denote graduate and undergraduate coauthors.
    • A list of all extramural support that has been secured over the past 3 years, with outcomes (if known).
    • A list of the names of completed MS and PhD students, and undergraduate researchers mentored over the past 3 years.
  • 200-word bio of the nominee


  • Department Heads will fill out the online form to submit one nominee for consideration.
  • A committee appointed by the Dean will review nominees and recommend an individual for the College Faculty Researcher of the Year Award.


  • Recipient will be recognized at the College of Engineering Research Award ceremony held during USU Research Week.
  • Recipient will receive $500 in account held in the Dean’s Office to use for travel, books, equipment, or other professional development needs.

Contact Information:
Melanie Ivans
Tel: 435-797-2021