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Nominate a Graduate Mentor of the Year

Submission Deadline: January 12, 2018

Nomination Procedures:

The Outstanding Graduate Mentor of the Year is intended to recognize faculty with a significant record of cumulative accomplishment focused on graduate mentorship. Nominations for this award occur at the department level.


  • The Graduate Mentor must be a current employee of USU or have retired within the past 12 months prior to submission.

Submission Materials

  • Name and A-Number of nominee.
  • Nominee's Department
  • 200-word bio of the nominee.
  • One-page description of excellent mentoring. Include what types of activities would be expected in this field and the significance of job placement after graduation. (file upload)
  • Curriculum vitae of the nominee in standard format including a complete list of publications, awards, sponsored projects, and other recognitions by peers - international, national and regional. (file upload)
  • A list of nominee’s past graduates and their current positions/activities (no page limit). (file upload)
  • A cumulative list of nominee’s publications/ presentations/ exhibitions/ awards with graduate students. (file upload)


  • Departments will utilize a department-specific process of selection.
  • Department Heads will fill out the online form to submit one nominee for consideration.
  • A committee appointed by the Dean will review nominees and recommend an individual for the College of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Mentor of the Year Award. (If nominee is selected as the College Recipient, the Dean’s Office will work with the nominee and their department head to complete the packet to be turned in for Robins Award consideration.)


Recipient will be recognized at the College of Engineering Research Award ceremony held during USU Research week.


Contact Information:
Melanie Ivans
Tel: 435-797-2021