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USU Professor Receives Alumni Award from Virginia Tech


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News Release — LOGAN, UTAH January 9, 2019 — Utah State University’s Marc Maguire received the Outstanding Young Alumni Award from The Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. Maguire is an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering.

The Outstanding Young Alumni awards are given to those who have graduated in the last 15 years and have various achievement and accomplishments in areas such as service to their profession, service to the community and service to Virginia State.

“While Virginia Tech has an outstanding reputation, my main reason for attending was my research advisors, Carin Roberts-Wollmann and Tommy Cousins, and the opportunity to work on impactful research,” said Maguire.

Maguire’s advisor, Carin Roberts-Wollmann, nominated him for the Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

Maguire completed his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in 2013. During his time at Virginia Tech he worked on the Long Term Bridge Performance Project as well as taught courses in civil and environmental engineering and engineering education.

“The robust and fundamental understanding of Structural Engineering and Materials that I obtained at Virginia Tech has put me in a position to succeed and I believe above several of my peers,” said Maguire. “I do not believe I would be as successful if I had attended another university.”

In addition to this award, Maguire holds many other awards. In 2017 he was awarded Educator of the Year by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. In 2018 he was awarded Educator of the Year by the Structural Engineers Association of Utah.

“I am most proud of the relationships I have formed as a mentor to my students and to industry members as an industry leader,” said Maguire.


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