Faculty Award Winners Recognized at Awards Banquet

February 25, 2019

News Release — LOGAN, UTAH, Feb. 25, 2019 — The College of Engineering extends its congratulations to the two faculty award winners recognized at Friday’s Engineers Week Awards Banquet.

Spencer Wendel

The college awarded Spencer Wendel the “Undergraduate Faculty Mentor Award.” Wendel is a professional practice assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Native to Taylorsville, Utah, Wendel earned his BS and MS in mechanical engineering from USU. He returned to USU in 2016 following a career as a design engineer. In addition to capstone team and general advising, he advises ASME, Design Build Fly, Mars Rover, Battle Bots and student design competition teams. He is passionate about creating growth opportunities that prepare students for success in industry.

Wade Goodridge

The college also awarded Wade Goodridge the “Teaching Excellence Award.” Goodridge is an assistant professor in the Department of Engineering Education. Goodridge hails from Cordova, Alaska. He received a bachelor’s degrees in industrial technology education and civil and environmental engineering and a master’s and Ph.D in civil and environmental engineering. Before joining USU he was a middle school and high school teacher and has 20 years of experience at the university level. His research includes areas of engineering education, spatial cognition, distance education, self-efficiency/perseverance and informal learning environments.


Writer: Jessica Jarman, eng.marketing@usu.edu