What's New: New Tutor Center


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Published in Utah State Engineer — Oct. 25 2018 — The cramped engineering tutor center is a thing of the past. This summer, crews renovated a large portion of the Anderson Engineering Building to accommodate a new 915-square-foot tutor center complete with wrap-around glass dry-erase walls, upgraded lighting, computer work stations and new furniture.

The remodel was part of a larger renovation of the student support facility. The new space also includes a small meal prep and vending area. The remodel also created a new headquarters space for student clubs and associations. The new student leadership space will accommodate eight student organizations, each with its own desk, computer and storage space. The new facility will also have a conference room with eight seats.

Quick Facts:

  • 915-square-foot Tutor Center — capacity for eight tutors and 34 students
  • 450-square-foot student leadership area and eight-seat conference room
  • 435-square-foot meal prep and vending space


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