Faculty Promotions 2018

April 7, 2018

April 7, 2018 – The College of Engineering at Utah State University extends its congratulations to four newly-promoted faculty members.

2018 promotion group

(left to right) Dr. Haitao Wang, Dr. Neil Allen, Dr. Jeff Horsburgh, Dr. Ling Liu

The following faculty received official word from the USU Board of Trustees of their rank promotions:

Dr. Haitao Wang, Computer Science: Associate Professor with Tenure

Dr. Neil Allen, Civil and Environmental Engineering: Tenured Associate Professor

Dr. Jeff Horsburgh, Civil and Environmental Engineering: Associate Professor with Tenure

Dr. Ling Liu, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: Associate Professor with Tenure

Dr. Haitao Wang

(left to right) Dr. Jagath Kaluarachchi, Dr. Haitao Wang, Dr. Xiaojun Qi

Dr. Jeff Horsburgh

(left to right) Dr. Jeff Horsburgh, Dr. Paul Barr

Dr. Ling Liu

(left to right) Dr. Ling Liu, Dr. Robert Spall

Dr. Neil Allen

(left to right) Dr. Neil Allen, Dr. Mac Mckee, Dr. Paul Barr