USU Biological Engineer Featured in Chemical & Engineering News


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Biological Engineering Professor Dr. Foster Agblevor is developing new catalysts to convert unwanted plant waste into bio-based fuels. His work was recently highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News.

March 28, 2017 – The ongoing research into alternative bio-based fuels by USU's Dr. Foster Agblevor was featured in a February cover story of Chemical & Engineering News magazine.

Agblevor's research centers on converting organic material into liquid fuels. As part of his most recent work, he and his team are developing a new process to covert unused mineral resources from bauxite mining and discarded plant material into biocrude oil and gasoline-type fuels.

Agblevor demonstrated that his process works by using his bio-based fuel in a conventional weed trimmer. A student researcher poured the prepared fuel into the trimmer's tank, pulled the start cord and went to work trimming the grass outside Agblevor's lab in North Logan, Utah.

In July 2016, Agblevor published a groundbreaking study on his progress, and the findings were publicized in Chemical & Engineering News – a leading industry publication produced by the American Chemical Society.

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