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'I Make Their Dream a Reality'

Matt Jensen


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CEE alum designs solution for new Maverik Stadium expansion

Published in Utah State Engineer – Oct. 2, 2017 – During construction, the steelworks for USU’s Maverik Stadium renovation rose into the air and then branched off left and right, leaving whole sections of the shimmering new building floating in mid-air. It wasn’t an optical illusion. The new facility features a cantilevered design that allows it to hold more square feet on a smaller footprint.

Corey Price looking at the Stadium infrastructure

Alumnus Profile: Corey Price
BS Civil Engineering ‘01
MS Civil Engineering (structural engineering emphasis) ‘02
Current Position: Senior Engineer/Associate at Reaveley Engineers + Associates, Salt Lake City

USU Civil Engineering alum Corey Price (CE ’01, ’02) was the project engineer on the renovation.Price engineered the architects’ design which called for a cantilevered building that extends 20 feet to the west and 18 feet to the east with no support columns underneath. Price works for Reaveley Engineers + Associates. He’s been with the company since 2003.

“It was a fun engineering project,” he said. “Definitely a unique design.”

Price credits the architects for the appearance of the new press and suites complex. But it was his engineering that made the elegant design possible.

“The challenge with any cantilevered structure is that without correct engineering, you can feel the floor move,” Price explained. “And the right amount of movement can make the floor move a lot which is not a pleasant sensation.”

To eliminate unwanted floor movement throughout the 76-foot-tall building, Price developed a way to tie the supporting beams under each floor together, effectively damping out a majority of perceptible movement. Price engineered the concept down the last detail to provide a structure that meets building code requirements and improves human comfort.

Looking back on his years at USU, Price said he enjoyed being in classes where friendly professors made him feel welcome and made learning a fun experience. Price lives in Farmington, Utah, with his wife and three children.


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