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Creating Tomorrow - Engineering Stories Heard on Utah Public Radio


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Changing the Conversation

Our perception of who engineers are and what they do is a little skewed. And now, engineers are trying to change that.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineering students at USU developed a simple shelter that protects alpacas from the cold.

'Green' Rocket Motors

Aerospace engineers at Utah State University are developing a small rocket motor made of printed ABS plastic.

Aggie Air

Engineers at USU's Utah Water Research Lab are developing advanced unmanned aerial vehicles.

Putting Quality Teaching First

Engineering education researchers at Utah State University are putting quality teaching first.

Data Compression

How does YouTube and Netflix stream all that content? The answer is data compression.

Bio Energy

What if we could turn plant waste into something useful?

Concrete Canoes

Will it float? The story behind the concrete canoe.

Smartphone Apps

Computer scientists at USU and Berkley created a smartphone app that detects earthquakes.

Cancer Research

Developing cancer drugs in a lab takes time. But with computer science, researchers can fast-forward the process.

Using LiDAR in Archeology

Archaeologists used LiDAR to spot the remnants of a forgotten civilization in the rainforest.

Making Natural Products

Natural products are replacing many of the synthetic ingredients found in everything from food to pharmaceuticals.

Space Junk

Above our heads there’s a floating junkyard of space debris.

The Fate of PPCPs

Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) are finding their way into surface waters.

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