Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD Student Wins Major Award


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July 26, 2016 – Civil & Environmental Engineering PhD student Caleb Buahin has won a major award at the 8th International Congress on Environmental Modeling & Software. He received one of the best student paper awards at the event held in Toulouse, France July 10-14.

Caleb Buahin

Buahin specializes in water resources engineering, component-based modeling and hydroinforamtics under major professor Dr. Jeff Horsburgh.

His works involves solving complex environmental and natural resource problems using computer simulation models to examine potential effects of different management choices.

“The complexity of many environmental issues often requires integrating models from different fields of study to avoid making decisions based on limited scientific information,” he explained. “My research work revolves around how to best integrate models from different scientists and even different scientific domains into next-generation, predictive models that more accurately and holistically represent complex environmental systems. I aim to provide environmental modelers and resource managers with better modeling tools to support more informed decision making."

Horsburgh said Buahin’s award is a well-deserved recognition at an international conference.