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Global Leader in Water Treatment Industry Opens Cache Valley Office and New Partnership with College of Engineering


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(From Archive) Originally posted Nov. 18, 2014 – NORTH LOGAN, Utah, – An international leader in the water and wastewater industry is opening a new office in Cache Valley to take advantage of what the company calls an ideal location and a talented workforce of new engineering graduates.

WesTech, Inc., headquartered in Salt Lake City with offices around the world, will officially open its newest branch office Friday at the USU Innovation Campus, expanding on its commitment to develop smarter wastewater treatment technologies and new ways to turn waste into valuable resources.

BE student“For many years, Utah State has been a valuable resource for WesTech in providing top talent,” said WesTech CEO Rex Plaizier. “We are now engaging the university more directly as a research partner. Our focus is to discover new methods or opportunities for converting waste to resources. We envision a day when municipal water treatment facilities can convert what historically has been a waste into valuable products; that they could send residents a monthly dividend check instead of a bill.”

In recent years, the company has hired USU engineering graduates to work at its office in Salt Lake City. The expansion will give future talent from the College of Engineering an opportunity to work and live in Northern Utah.

“WesTech has some really great talent that has come from Utah State,” said WesTech regional sales manager Floyd Griffiths. “We’ve hired several engineers from the environmental and biological engineering disciplines. Cache Valley is a great area and some graduates want to stay. This allows our prospective employees the opportunity to work for WesTech without the need to uproot and move to Salt Lake City."

wastewaterGriffiths says WesTech’s partnership with USU aligns the company with the latest water and wastewater innovations in its ongoing waste-to-resources initiative.

“That’s our main focus as we team up with USU,” he added. “In the long term we want to be on the front lines when it comes to choosing talent we can recruit to WesTech.”

Finding talented engineers in Cache Valley won’t be a problem, says Ron Sims, department head and professor of biological engineering at Utah State University.

“The USU-WesTech partnership provides a model for how, together, we can accelerate the process of going from knowledge discovery to application and implementation of critical engineering solutions to improve quality of life worldwide,” said Sims. “By hiring biological engineering graduates, WesTech has recognized their technical and leadership strengths, and students recognize the opportunity to work for a company like WesTech that is growing the economy in Utah through innovative engineering solutions.”

Sims said the new partnership highlights the success of USU’s biological engineering program and its students and faculty.

Members of the media and general public are invited to a special open house and technology exhibit at 12:00 p.m. Friday, Nov. 21 at the Algae Processing and Products Facility, or APP, at the USU Innovation Campus. In-person interviews available.

About WesTech: WesTech Engineering Inc. engineers and manufactures process equipment systems for mineral, municipal, and industrial markets worldwide. With broad experience in providing process solutions for diverse liquid-solid separation applications, WesTech’s process approach provides tailored solutions for our customer needs. WesTech is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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