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ART+ENG Week Dubbed Success


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(From Archive) Originally posted Dec. 1, 2014 – What at first seemed like an odd match, has since become a strong and lasting campus partnership.

A first-of-its-kind collaboration between art and engineering students at Utah State University demonstrated that creativity and technical know-how go hand in hand.

art and eng week

In November, the USU Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art joined forces with the College of Engineering for a week of activities and social gatherings aimed at mixing two groups of students living a very different college experience.

The idea popped up in a casual conversation between Engineering Dean Christine Hailey and the art museum’s new executive director, Katie Lee Koven.

“Katie and I were talking after a reception that I attended to welcome her as the new museum director,” said Hailey. “We thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great for our students to interact and share ideas?’”

What developed was a successful collaboration where engineering students and art majors came together to form new friendships and share experiences.

Activities included a special museum opening for engineering majors only, which attracted about 175 participants. Several faculty and staff also attended.

The following day, Arizona State University Professor of Art Dan Collins presented a lecture on incorporating technology into artwork. At a separate event, engineering and art students built geodesic domes out of gumdrops for a chance to win a prize. The entries were judged by civil engineering professor Marv Halling who pinned the first place ribbon on an engineering student who built an elaborate towering dome with toothpicks and candy.

mixer event

Other events included a social mixer, film screening, lectures by Koven and her associate curators and more.

Hailey said the event was a success, noting that social integration is an important part of the university experience.

“Our students spend a lot of time studying but it’s also important for them to form new friendships on campus and experience these kinds of rich cross disciplinary interactions,” she said. “It’s crucial for their success as engineering students.”


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