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General Graduate Program Information

For general information about our graduate programs or to see if you might qualify for one of our programs, click the button below.


Graduate Advising

For all prospective and current students who have inquires regarding:

      • admissions,
      • departmental and School of Graduate Studies requirements,
      • degree plans,
      • faculty advisor/major professor selection,
      • graduate funding opportunities and policies,
      • registration issues such as prerequisite overrides, academic holds, etc. or
      • eligibility and admissions requirements for the Accelerated BS/MS program.

Schedule a face-to-face or phone appointment online. The faculty advisor/major professor provides advice on courses to be used on the Program of Study, and if applicable, research programs and supervisory committee selection.

Lindi brown

Lindi Brown, Graduate Program Advisor

ENGR 417

Barton Smith

Dr. Barton Smith, Graduate Program Director