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Bridge Competition Rules

The bridge must:

  • be made of only 3D printed ABS
  • span a minimum of 5 in.
  • be no more than 10 in. long
  • be no more than 3 in. wide
  • be no more than 3 in. tall
  • Weigh no more than 1 lb.

Accept a loading block 1.5 in. X 1.5 in.

The provided loading block must:

be centered horizontally across the 5 in. span.

pass completely through the bridge, parallel to the ground and normal to the long axis of the bridge design space.

vertical placement of the loading block does not matter given the bridge is supports all the weight.

The winner will be selected according to which bridge meets all requirements listed and hold the most weight without breaking.

Breaking will be identified through a bridge which may no longer support the test weight, or which deflects the loading block more than 1 in. from the original unloaded position.

The allowed design space is shown below. These restraints are the maximum space allowable, and bridges may take up less space assuming the bridge spans the required 5 in. gap and meets all other requirements listed.

A Diagram of the bridge workspace dimensions described in the rules above.