Hailei Wang

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Assistant Professor

Hailei Wang

Contact Information

Office Location: ENGR 419E
Phone: 435-797-2098
Email: hailei.wang@usu.edu
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Educational Background

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, (TFS), Oregon State University, 2006
MS, Mechanical Engineering, (TFS), Texas Tech University, 2002
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Southwestern Petroleum University, 1992


Prior to join USU in 2018, Dr. Wang worked at Oregon State University as a research faculty for ten years. He has broad research expertise in various thermal energy systems. Before going back to graduate school, Dr. Wang worked eight years in a research institute as a mechanical and process engineer.

Teaching Interests

Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Renewable Energy, Energy Systems, HVAC

Research Interests

Dr. Wang has broad research interests, including heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) in grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEB); advanced power cycles using supercritical organic fluids; distributed energy systems that effectively integrate various renewable energy resources; a unique thermal energy storage concept using supercooling phenomenon; desalination; multi-function microchannel heat exchangers for process intensification; boiling and condensation enhancement; and heat transfer and anti-icing on superhydrophobic surfaces.


Undergraduate Faculty Advisor of the Year, 2020

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Utah State University

Publications | Journal Articles

Academic Journal

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Publications | Other


  • Wang, H., (2018). Dialysis System. Google Patents
  • Wang, H., (2014). Dialysis System. Google Patents
  • Wang, H., (2013). Fluid Purification System. Google Patents
  • Wang, H., (2016). Hybrid Power and Cooling System. Google Patents

An asterisk (*) at the end of a publication indicates that it has not been peer-reviewed.


MAE 6460 - Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer, Spring 2021
MAE 5450 - Hybrid Energy, Fall 2020
MAE 5930, 6930 - Special Problems, Spring 2020
MAE 6460 - Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer, Fall 2019
MAE 5930, 6930 - Special Problems, Spring 2019
MAE 6460 - Conduction Heat Transfer, Fall 2018

Graduate Students Mentored

Daniel Gardner, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, August 2020
Jacob Bryan, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, August 2019
Benjamin Pepper, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, June 2019
Stephen Hills, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, January 2019 - May 2021
Yili Zhang, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, August 2018 - May 2021
Cody Cummings, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, January 2019 - June 2020